Commission status : OPEN

Official site of Quinncy Apophis

I am a 25 year old artist who grew up with the woods savoring folklore intermingled with a love for colour and the macabre. Currently I take weekly painting classes at a local studio where I receive critiques and advice on my work. Online courses such as Aaron Blaises' also aid in my learning.

All information can be found in the links provided and any further questions you might have you can ask through email.

General Warning

Before commissioning, please be aware that my style changes as I advance, sometimes in very short periods of time. The best examples of what you will receive are the most recently shared art pieces on my sites. Most styles can be done at the request of the client if specified up front. If I am unsure if I can emulate it 100% I will show examples of what I can do. Quality of personal art is not entirely an indicator of quality of commissioned work. I put maximum effort into pleasing my clients, and often go all out!

My current programs are Paint Tool SAI, GIMP, and Clip Studio Paint on my laptop and an Ipad with Clip Studio Paint. I use a Wacom pen and touch bamboo tablet, and an apple pen as my tools. Traditional is whatever is on hand but I prefer watercolour or pen and ink, specifically fountain pens or Mangaka Flexibles.

By doing business with me you agreeing to all terms and rules I have laid out automatically. Breaking of said rules results in an automatic blacklisting


  • If the art is not done for you, do not use it online or offline unless specified by me

  • Commissioned work is free for non-commercial use by the commissioner with credit given

  • I will NOT draw real-living people unless they consent

  • Require either an email to invoice, or will give a link. I wait for payment BEFORE starting your commission

  • Refunds are given 100% unless more than 25% is done of the art, then it is 60% and what was drawn

  • Please send all information asked for if commissioning me. Email me for quotes or for specific projects!

  • I retain the right to deny business if I am uncomfortable

  • Complex characters may be subjected to additional charges (wings, mechanoids, ect)

  • Traditional art can be mailed to you, customer covers shipping costs. This comes with goodies!

  • My art CANNOT be sold as NFT, commissioned or otherwise


Q: Can I commission you for art with your characters involved?
A: We can discuss upon commission inquiry through email. Often as long as it's SFW, yes. NSFW work can be discussed, but is rare.

Q: May I use the art, either done for me or someone else, in my redbubble/society6 or other shop?
A: No. Any sign of this activity will have said shop reported immediately as it goes against my terms. Commercial work can be discussed and priced up front if this is your intention, so don't be dissuaded from looking for merchandise assistance!

Q: I received art from you but noticed mistakes in it after a few days. Can I get them fixed?
A: When a piece is done, you can ask for minor changes as we communicate back and forth for a few days. After that, no. Any large changes or things needing to be re-done after completion will be an extra charge, unless it was fault of my own. I give opportunities with WIP's for fixes during the commission process and commissions done without WIP's can be altered if I make any mistakes.

Q: Can I commission you to draw something for someone else?
A: Of course! I adore drawing gifts for others, and it would be a honor to be able to draw something for someone else. This holds very true as well for pet portraits or memorials as well. However, I will not do NSFW unless the other has specifically consented to it.

Payment Process

Commission prices are all listed in USD.

When you give your commission information in your email, I will send you your invoice through Paypal. Please do not send me any money directly as family/friend!

Basic information will be sent with costs in the invoice (I will list extra charges that are previously explained to you directly to remove confusion and verify them one on one. Once payment is received I hold onto it until final piece is completed and delivered to you in Hi-Res)

What I need

  • Username - and website you came from if applicable

  • Email - both for invoice, and to send the commission to

  • Character References - Please limit it to 3 pictures! If you need more, please let me know ahead of time.

  • Commission type - Specify the type of commission you want. Feel free to send examples from my gallery if you have a very specific interest

  • Specifications, requests, extra information - Any extra details you want me to know. Prompt for pose, ideas for expression, ect. This is not necessary, but may help me better portray your character better!

Feel free to ask anything that might confuse, or if you need help.

Commission Types

Please note that these are my most prominent styles. If there is a specific style of mine you'd like to get a commission in, please email me directly and I can discuss pricing with you.

Characters with extra limbs, mecha, and general high complexity will be an extra charge


Simple - 25
Detailed - 45

Please specify the style of icon, any emotion, or details upon inquiring
Pairs/sets of icons +75% for each connected icon
Props +25%
Background +50%


Single - 35
Two - 60

My version of a "chibi", with a stained-glass effect and minimal shading
Save a little when you purchase two! Doesn't have to be of the same character


Headshot - 30
Fullbody - 65

Entirely flat coloured. Comes with a single character and a background with symbolic things
Please specify what you want the background to contain otherwise I will improvise


Headshot - Sketch - 20 / Render - 35
Bust - Sketch - 35 / Render - 65
Fullbody - Sketch - 50 / Render - 95

No complex backgrounds or full scenes unless discussed and approved

Art with focus cntirely on the character(s) in the image. This is usually just shapes/a gradient or transparency. Multiple characters will be incorporated appropriately but if you are looking for a scene ask about my illustrations or email me directly.


150 for first hour, +25 each additional hour

The first hour is usually fleshing out a very rough background and sloppily colouring it in, then focusing on detailing the character. All hours allotted from there go towards lining, and detailing everything as a whole. If time is up but something is half done, I'll often clean it up so it doesn't look like a sloppy WIP.

If you want to gauge costs, email me and I'll give you a quote of your idea. I can make the scene focus more on either the character or the background, and am willing to work with budgets. I don't do payment plans.

These are fully rendered and partially painted works of art. Shaded and painted over with complex backgrounds meant to immerse the viewer. These take a while to do, as I put a lot of work into each one and can do scientific illustrations as well, not just characters. This can be of plants, animals, I'll even attempt rocks/minerals or other items.

These also take a while as said. Please be patient and if you need it by a set time limit, let me know immediately so I can work on it primarily. Rush jobs are an extra cost and even with it as a rush, I need about a month to complete them entirely, some taking upwards of a few months. This commission type comes with a LOT of WIP's and change opportunities however, as well as constant updates on progress.

Design and Custom Creature Creation

Design work is something I have had a passion in for many years now, and I am happy to help bring a design you imagined to life with my own special flair and twists, or even simply design you something from the top of my head!
These vary in complexity and price depending on the amount of time and effort that goes into them.

Moodboard adoptables are also available! They are where you send me a few images, a very basic prompt or none at all, and set me loose. Price is lower as it's a blind-bag for you.


Rules for designs differ slightly from those of adopts and commissions, and are as follows:

  • Once you buy the design, you CANNOT resell it for more than you bought it for plus additional purchased art

  • Changes are OK, but always credit back to the original design

  • Custom designs will NEVER be duplicated, nor will my original characters

  • Payment MUST be sent upfront. However with the payment method I use, you are able to pay for individual parts on their own and I can build up a sheet for you over time

  • If you suddenly decide to back out of a design, or that it isn't what you wanted, I will keep the design for resale for my time and refund you. Designs are discussed and options shown so changes are to be made during the actual process through email and verifying as much as I can to be certain you like it. Once it's officially done, it's done. Abandonment of the design during the process will lead to me offering it up as an adoptable after refunding you. If you simply have me restart, however, I will either alter it far enough away, or simply discard the old design in order to keep yours original

  • All designs are to be credited back to me as their original creator, although you get all non-commercial rights to them. If you wish for commercial rights for ability to merchandise/sell, email me at [email protected]

  • Changes can be made however I ask to limit them to a handful. Mistakes on my behalf do not count, but please don't ask for changes constantly that are simply aesthetic, like asking for wings last second instead of during the initial process. I offer plenty of time, and input, during the process for these changes


Moodboard Designs are always the base price, since I am given more free range with them (although commissioner continues to get WIP's and can comment for maximum 3 changes.) You don't need to make a moodboard either, you can simply send me pictures to work off of. Be aware this is risky, and cannot be refunded if disliked once complete as it is basically a blind bag!

Moodboards come with a Fullbody, headshot, pelt, and palette
100$ flatsale

Custom designs are you coming to me to design an idea you have in mind. This works wonderfully for DnD characters, writers wishing to flesh out something or someone visually, or simply someone seeking a fun new character. These differ from moodboards as you tell me almost all the detail and explain it to me as much as you can or want, and I draw it and toss in my own ideas and interpretations (Which can be changed if disliked)

These are most often done as basic refs with one drawing of the creature and a palette, or a full reference sheet. Both are priced according to the information below and prices vary depending on the complexity of what you are having me design. I will not charge someone wanting a generic wolf the same price as a very detailed, multi-limbed monster.
These are the starting prices:

Fullbody (Front, Back, 3/4ths, ect) - 70$
Headshot (Expression or marking reference) - 35$
Details (paws/claws, wings, ect) - 25.00
'Pelt' colour chart - 5.00
Palette - Free

As is with all my work, please do not be shy to email me for a more specific quote and let me know exactly what you are looking for. Prices vary and I am willing to work with you!


Adopts are a quick way to get a design, from me without commissioning. Prices vary highly on complexity and my personal opinion of their worth. In all of my galleries I have available adopts, and continue to make new ones as time goes on. I prefer to try to design each one individually instead of doing recolours, but sometimes I will make sets of a few, though the lineart is a one time use for them.

I will send the hi-resolution file of the adopted design to the new owner once purchased.


  • Once you buy the adopt, you CANNOT resell it for more than you bought it for plus cost of extra art

  • Changes are OK, but please credit back to the original design

  • Stand-alone (non-recolour or species) adopt designs will NOT be replicated, so please do not ask

  • Payment MUST be sent before you can claim the adopt as your own. If you do not pay, then you will be marked as uninterested after a period and the next person who wanted and pays is the other. If you try to use it regardless you will be reported and blocked

  • I can add in minor details such as a headshot, genitalia, a paw, ect for 10-15$ each depending on complexity

  • When you say you want the adopt and disappear, I will let the next interested party buy them. First-come-first-serve for the most part, unless you only need a few days

  • All adoptables are to be credited back to me, and if used for commercial works I would like to know up front and will charge an extra fee

  • All adopts come watermarked, and no, I will not remove the watermark. Please do not remove it yourself either. If this is an issue I apologize!